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CEO' Message

Thank you for taking time to come over and visit us today.

First of all, I would like to send warm
welcome and deep gratitude
to everyone visiting to the homepage
of Hansol Secure

Hansol Secure was listed to KOSDAQ market in 2010
and merged to Hansol Corporation in 2011.

On the foundation of up-to-date smart card and mobile
security platform technology, we have been leading
domestic and overseas market and achieving stable growth.

쏦ansol Secure is also a joint venture between Hansol Group and G+D, the global leader from Germany in smart card & mobile security. In partnership with G+D, 쏦ansol Secure is ready to advance into the world market with not only USIM solutions, but also IoT security solutions which are at the center of the nearing Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Accordingly with the future growth vision "The World Leading Security Solution Provider", Hansol Secure will strive to strengthen its standing in each business field and recompense the support of shareholders. Once again, I would
like to thank you for continuous support and trust in us and hope that you would encourage and cheer for us in
the future as well.

Thank you.

Best Regards.
CEO Sang  Jin  Park

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